To perform a hard reset on a Kyocera phone, use the Factory Data Reset option from the Settings screen, and clear all data from the SD card. Alternatively, use the combination of Volume Down and Power keys to access the Android Recovery System, and perform a factory reset. Before proceeding with either option, back up personal files to an external storage unit.

Power on your phone, tap Apps, open the Settings screen, navigate to the Personal section, and then tap Backup & Reset. In the Personal Data section, tap Factory Data Reset, and type the PIN code or your password. When prompted, check the Erase SD Card box, tap the Reset Phone button within the same prompt, and tap Erase Everything to complete the process.

To perform a hard reset using the hardware keys, turn off your phone, press the Volume Down and Power keys at the same time, and release the Power key when the phone vibrates. Once the Android Recovery System screen appears, release the Volume Down key as well. Use the Volume Up and Volume Down keys to navigate the screen, highlight the Wipe Data Cache Partition or Factory Reset option, depending on the model you’re using, and press the Power key to select it. Select the Yes - Erase All User Data option, and then select Reboot System Now. Once the phone shuts down and reboots, all personal data should be removed and system settings reset.