To delete your Gmail account, go to Google Account Settings, open the Data tools page, go to Delete products, click Remove Gmail permanently, then provide your current password and new primary email address. This process takes less than ten minutes.

  1. Access the Google Account Settings menu

    Open Gmail, click your profile at the top right corner of the screen, then click Account. Open the Data tools page, then under Account management, click Delete products.

  2. Confirm that you want to delete your Gmail account

    Under Delete a Product, click Remove Gmail permanently. Check the box that asks you whether you are sure you want to delete your Gmail account. Under New primary email address, type a different email address associated with the account you want to close. In most cases, Gmail enters the secondary address that you provided when creating the new account.

  3. Provide your current Gmail password to delete the account

    Under Current password, enter the password associated with the Gmail account you want to remove, then click Remove Gmail. Click the link provided in the Gmail Removal Confirmation page, type in your password again, then click Verify. It will then ask you to give Google a reason why you have decided to delete your Gmail account before you click Submit. This is not compulsory