To connect an RF modulator to a television, simply connect a coaxial cable from the RF modulator output to the coaxial input of the television. This is the input into which a cable box normally connects. For older televisions, this input may be located where the VHF antenna snaps into the television. Simply remove the antenna, and run the coaxial into this jack. The television can now connect to a component such as a game console, VCR or DVD player.

Most RF modulators have RCA composite inputs or jacks that correspond to outputs on practically all VCRs and DVD players. The jacks are normally color-coded on the modulator and the various devices. If not, the jacks may be labeled Audio In or Out and Video In or Out.

The cables are also color-coded to match the corresponding jacks. Red and white are usually for the left and right channels of stereo sound and connect the audio outputs of the device to the audio inputs of the RF modulator. The video jacks and cable are normally yellow and connect the video output of the device to the video input of the RF modulator. This cable can transmit only analog video signals at 480i resolution.

To connect a cable TV box, connect the RF modulator to a VCR, connect the cable box output to the coaxial input of the VCR, and set the television to channel 2 or 3. This setup allows the VCR to be used for recording as well as viewing and for recording one channel while watching another. Additional devices can be connected to the VCR if it has additional jacks or inputs.