To connect a wireless printer to a laptop, first connect the printer to your wireless router by following the connection instructions posted in the manual or on the manufacturer's website. Once connected, install the printer's software to your laptop.

Some printer brands connect to the wireless router automatically using an internal program. Other brands require the user to set up the connection. Use the Setup option on the printer's screen, and search for the name of your network. Enter the network password to connect. Still other brands require an initial manual connection using an Ethernet cable provided in the printer's box.

Many printers come with an installation CD or direct you to an install procedure on the manufacturer's website once you are connected to the Internet. Follow any prompts that pop up to complete the installation process. Some prompts may include inputting network information or temporarily disabling firewall or pop-up settings.

Once installed, print a test page to ensure the ink is working properly. If the install required a connecting wire, disconnect it, and test the wireless connection from the laptop to the printer. If there is a connection issue, try the installation again, or contact the manufacturer's customer service. Repeat the installation process on any other computer or laptop from which you need printing capability.