To connect a VCR to a satellite dish receiver, turn off the electrical power to the components, plug the appropriate coaxial or composite video cables into the output ports of the VCR, and then connect them to the corresponding input ports on the satellite receiver. The type of port chosen dictates which channel or setting the viewer must set the satellite receiver to in order to view the recording from the VCR.

For non-encoded incoming television signals, such as signals from an over-the-air antenna for the system, connect the coaxial cable from the antenna to the input port on the VCR. Connect the output coaxial port on the VCR to the input port on the satellite receiver, and connect the receiver's output port to the television. Set the receiver on either channel 3 or 4 to view and record the programming.

The receiver must decode the signal from the satellite dish before recording programming. To record satellite broadcasts, connect the incoming signal line to the receiver, connect the receiver's coaxial output to the input on the VCR, and then connect the VCR coaxial output to the television set. Use this same configuration using composite video cables for a better picture quality in appropriately equipped devices.