Connecting a DVD player to a TV involves positioning both the player and TV, plugging one end of an AV cable into the TV, plugging the remaining cable end into the player and connecting the electronics to a power source. Testing the connection completes the process.

Start by unplugging the TV from the power outlet to avoid a possible electric shock. Position the player, taking care to ensure that the distance between the player and the TV suits the DVD cables. Avoid putting the player over the TV to prevent the monitor inside the player from overheating. Locate the TV terminals that are marked "Line In." Insert one end of the AV input jacks into the terminal on the TV, taking care to ensure that each jack pin enters the terminal that bears its corresponding color.

To plug the AV cable into the DVD player, locate the DVD's "Line Out" terminals, and insert the cable's jack pins the same way you did with the TV. Then, connect the TV to the electrical socket using its power cord, and repeat the same for the player. To test the connection, firsts reset the DVD player's language and clock as needed, taking care to follow the instructions for the same in the user manual. Press the "Open" button on the player's remote control before inserting a DVD into the player. Finally, close the player, and play the DVD.