Deleting a Yahoo! Mail account involves going to the “Terminating Your Yahoo! Account” page, entering the password and clicking the terminate button, according to Deleting a Gmail account involves clicking on the Google account settings, choosing the option to remove Gmail and providing a new email address.

After reaching the “Terminating Your Yahoo! Account” page, enter the password in the provided field then click “terminate this account," states It is essential to notify contacts when deciding to close an account, as people still can send mail to the deleted mail account for up to 90 days without getting a delivery error message.

To delete a Gmail account, go to the Google account settings, visit the data tools page and click “delete products” under the account management section, says Click “remove Gmail permanently.” Next, a user should provide a different email address, which becomes his new Google account user name. It is crucial to have access to the alternative email address in order to finish closing the Gmail account.

Finally, choose “remove Gmail,” open the removal confirmation sent to the alternative email address, click the deletion link and select “verify,” explains Contacts who send emails to the closed Gmail address may receive a delivery failure message.