To clean an Epson printer head, turn on the printer, click Start and select Devices and Printers on the connected computer, double-click the Epson printer, and select Adjust Printing Options. Select the Maintenance tab on the printing preferences dialog box that appears and click Head Cleaning. These options vary depending on the printer software installed on a computer.

Before cleaning the Epson printer head, turn on the printer, ensure there are no printing jobs in queue, and add paper in the tray if there is none. If the ink light is flashing, replace the cartridge. On the computer attached to the printer, search for a list of installed printers and select the Epson printer. Select the Head Cleaning option under the Maintenance tab and click Start or Next to start the cleaning process. Allow several minutes for the printer to finish the cleaning process.

Do not turn off the printer during the process, as this may cause permanent damage on the printer. The process is complete when the power light on the printer stops flashing. On the computer, click Print Nozzle Check Pattern and select Print. If the printed pattern has solid, continuous lines, the cleaning process was successful. Repeat the cleaning process if the pattern has faint lines or gaps.