Although Sekaimon is only available in Japanese, it is possible to translate the website through a third-party application. Sekaimon is the name of eBay's affliate partner in Japan. Google Translate, WorldLingo and Bing Translator are three services that can translate Web pages.

As all three are automated applications, the translations may or may not reflect the original meaning. In general, they do a good job of translating category names and website buttons but often fail with longer sentences. Translate Sekaimon using all three websites and compare the results to verify the translations. As of January 2016, the applications can translate the homepage with acceptable results.

To translate the page using Google Translate, copy the URL into the input box on the left, and select Japanese from the menu above. Click the blue Translate button to see the result. You can switch between the original Web page and the translation at any time by using the two buttons on the top right.

To use WorldLingo, copy the URL into the address box, select Japanese from the first drop-down menu, leave the second on English, and click Translate. Click View Original at the top left to switch to the non-translated website.

To use Bing Translator, copy the URL into the input box on the left, select Japanese from the drop-down menu and click Translate. Bing Translator allows a side-by-side view of the original website and the translation. Click the side-by-side button on the banner at the top to use the feature.