To purchase music online for the purpose of transferring to an MP3 player, use a digital music download service such as Amazon MP3, Rhapsody or 7digital. Digital music download services, also called a la carte services, allow you to purchase music and move the file around as desired.

Digital music ownership allows you to transfer the music to an MP3 player or burn music to physical CDs using software media players. A major disadvantage to digital music ownership is that some providers do not allow users to re-download purchased music. Back-up purchased music on discs or external hard drives. An alternative to downloading music is to use a subscription streaming service, usually available for mobile devices.

Amazon MP3 is one of the largest a la carte music providers, selling albums and songs at competitive prices. Amazon provides the Cloud Drive as a way to store and back up purchased music files. In addition, Amazon MP3 features the Cloud Player to stream and play music.

Rhapsody offers millions of digital songs for purchase and a music streaming service for subscribers. Rhapsody music files are downloadable in MP3 format. 7digital is a digital media service that provides downloadable music tracks, audio books, and videos. It features a digital locker to store and backup files.