There are three ways to add a printer to an iPad. The first is to use Apple's AirPrint. The second is to use a generic third-party app, and the third is to use an app from one of the printer manufacturers.

Follow specific steps to add a printer to an iPad.

  1. AirPrint
  2. The first thing that is needed for AirPrint to work is an AirPrint enabled printer. Most of the main manufacturers produce these, including Epson, Canon, Brother and HP. The printers connect to iPads through Wi-Fi. To print, select the sharing icon from whatever application that is being used and select print. If more than one printer is in range of the iPad, the correct one will need to be selected.

  3. Third-party apps
  4. Third-party apps work in a similar way and are ideal if the printer being used is not compatible with AirPrint. A computer is required, however, to initially load software and physically connect the iPad and the printer. Once it is set up the process to print is similar to AirPrint.

  5. Manufacturer apps
  6. Manufacturer apps work almost identically to AirPrint. So long as the printer is switched on and connected to Wi-Fi, and so long as the right app is installed on the iPad, the devices will connect, which will enable printing.