A JVC car stereo can be wired into an automobile's existing electrical system via a suitable wiring harness or by connecting specific color-coded cables to the appropriate electrical points in the vehicle. The exact steps to wire a car stereo vary depending upon the model and also upon the additional components in the vehicle's audio system.

Before beginning a JVC stereo installation project, it is important to examine the unit's wiring instructions carefully. Installing the unit via a vehicle-specific wiring harness adaptor is recommended because it helps to ensure that the stereo functions properly once it is in place in the automobile.

To install a JVC stereo, these basic instructions need to be followed:

Step One: Disconnect the old radio unit

The original stereo in the vehicle must be taken out and disconnected. Sometimes, a DIN tool is required to pop the old stereo out. On other occasions, one or more dashboard trim panels need to be removed to extract the original unit.

Step Two: Connect the unit

At this stage, the new unit can be connected to the vehicle's electrical system via a compatible harness.

Step Three: Manual wiring

If a suitable wiring harness is unavailable, the stereo wiring will need to be examined and matched with the correct cables from the car's audio system. Vehicle owners can choose to solder or crimp the wires together to form solid connections.

Step Four: Replace the radio unit

The new stereo can now be pushed back into the vehicle dashboard. Any previously removed trim panels can then be replaced. Alternatively, an aftermarket head unit can be installed for a seamless installation in the car's dash.