According to the Facebook Help Center, it is impossible a user to see who has viewed his Facebook profile because it violates the site's privacy rules. Third-party applications that claim to have this capability are also unable to do so. This is a common myth within the Facebook community.

It is possible to get insight into who has been viewing a Facebook page but impossible to see any personal information that could be identifiable. There is a difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile. Facebook pages are public, not personal, and are often created for businesses or fan pages. These pages offer analytics to monitor and track who has been viewing them. Facebook allows businesses and fan pages to use Page Insights, which tells the number of people who have liked the page, how many people see a post and how many have clicked the post. Demographic insights are also available if a required number of viewers are a part of that demographic.

Facebook's data use policy prohibits page managers from having access to a person's non-public personal data in Page Insights.

If an app states that it can reveal who has looked at a profile or posts, Facebook asks the user to please report the app.