To stop a program from running automatically when you start your computer, access the Task Manager window in Windows 8 or Windows 10, and disable unwanted programs from the Startup tab. Once the process is complete, restart the computer. In Windows 7, open the System Configuration dialog box, and uncheck the boxes next to unwanted programs.

Open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting the Task Manager option from the popup menu, or select it from the Power User menu after pressing X and the Windows key at the same time. If the Task Manager window only displays programs that are already running, click on the arrow next to More Details, and open the Startup tab. Right-click on the programs you want to stop from running automatically, and select the Disable option. Finally, click on File, select the Exit option, and restart the computer. As of 2015, the Task Manager window only provides an option to control the startup behavior of desktop applications.

In Windows 7, press R and the Windows key at the same time, type “msconfig” in the Open field, and click OK. Click on the Startup tab, remove the checks from the boxes next to unwanted programs, and click OK. When prompted to restart the computer, click Yes. For this option to work, select the Selective Startup option from the General tab, and check the box for the Load Startup Items option.