To remove the file SXS.exe, right click on the file, and delete it. Use an advanced anti-virus program or registry repair tool to ensure that the file is deleted from your computer.

  1. Right click on the file

    Find the SXS.exe file on your computer. It can usually be found in the Windows Sytem 32 folder in the C drive. Right click on the file. Do not open the file, as the name is known to be used for a virus, spyware and a trojan. The file SXS.exe could also be a registry error, in which case is it is useless or corrupt.

  2. Delete the file

    Click the delete option on the short cut menu that appears after right clicking on the file. You may also want to delete the file from the recycle bin in the same way.

  3. Scan with an anti-virus or registry repair program

    To make sure that the file is deleted completely, scan your computer with an advanced anti-virus program. Anti-virus programs can contain and delete any harmful files on your computer to make sure it runs smoothly. If the file is a registry error, run a registry repair program to make sure the file is deleted. Anti-virus and registry repair programs can be downloaded online.