To recycle an old TV for cash, create a posting on Craigslist or eBay and find a prospective buyer. Recycling and trade-ins are also available from vendors like Best Buy, Amazon and NextWorth, but most stores only offer store credit. Tax write-offs are also available from recycling with local charities and Goodwill.

Selling an old TV on Craigslist and eBay usually results in the most cash for the item. Craigslist involves meeting and conducting a transaction with the buyer in person. Almost all transactions on eBay are online-based and simply require the seller to ship the item to the winning buyer.

Other options for getting rid of an old TV are trade-ins and in-store recycling. Electronic retailers often have recycling programs that offer in-store credit for old electronics, although the store credit is usually less than the potential value on the open market. Companies such as NextWorth may also offer cash checks or PayPal payments for old electronics. Depending on the condition of the item, retailers may not offer credit or money for the old TV but recycle the item for free.

To recycle an old TV, donate it to a local charity or Goodwill, and deduct the amount as a donation on your tax return. Almost all recyclers accept donations free of charge, although home pick-up services can cost a fee. Websites such as Earth911 offer recycle searches to find local recycling locations.