Make an FM dipole antenna at home using two 5-foot sections of antenna wire. Connect one section to one of the wires in the middle of the other section, strip a small section of insulation from each end, and tie the two wires in the top section together. The process takes just a few minutes.

  1. Cut the wires to length

    Cut the horizontal section to 5-feet. Cut the vertical wire to the length necessary to extend from the stereo to the location of the top section of the antenna. Do not cut this section to less than 5 feet for best reception.

  2. Strip the wires

    Expose the two wires at the end of each section. Strip a small section at the center of the horizontal wire to expose one of the two wires. Cut this exposed wire and attach it the cut ends to the exposed ends of the vertical section. Twist the ends of the horizontal wires together. Attach the bottom of the vertical wire to the antenna screws on the back of the stereo.

  3. Attach the antenna to the wall

    Choose the wall where the antenna gives the best signal. Attach both ends of the horizontal wire to the wall, parallel with the floor.