Muhammad Ali is retired, but he occasionally comments on current boxing issues through his Twitter account or through press releases from the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky. In May of 2014, Ali mourned the loss of his friend Jimmy Ellis, commented on a possible Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Manny Pacquiao showdown in mixed martial art, and mourned the death of former boxer Rubin Carter.

On the death of Ellis, the boxing champion was saddened for his loss. Ellis and Ali met during a local boxing show in Louisville and were trained by the same person when they were young men. The two maintained their relationship into their twilight years, and Ali called his friend "a great athlete and a caring man."

The Huffington Post reports that Ali believes the next logical step in boxing is to feature a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Other boxing experts echoed Ali's assessment of the sport. The two top fighters have yet to meet for various reasons.

A recent PBS documentary entitled "The Trials of Muhammad Ali" covers the five years the boxer spent in prison for rejecting military service during the Vietnam War. The film delves into the personal issues of race, religion and wartime dissent in America during that era.

ESPN reports that Ali's last huge public appearance came at Ali's 70th birthday celebration in 2012 in Las Vegas. The party doubled as a fundraiser for brain research, as the boxer has been battling Parkinson's disease since age 40.