Freestyle motocross is a style of motorcycle competition that focuses on stunts and tricks rather than speed and agility. Riders can be seen performing high jumps on their bikes while also carrying out acrobatic stunts such as full flips while seated on the motorcycle and handstands on their bike's seat. This motocross sporting variation is highly risky and can result in serious injury, meaning that its participants must be highly skilled and well trained in order to ensure the safest possible ride.

There are two main categories of freestyle motocross that riders can compete in at official events: classic freestyle motocross and big air, which is also sometimes called best trick. Both categories are scored by judges rather than marked by an objective achievement such as crossing a finish line first. In the freestyle motocross category, competitors perform two pre-set routines in which they ride over jumps and perform tricks, while the big air category allows competitors to make two individual jumps, during which they must impress the judges with the difficulty and skilled execution of their tricks. Freestyle motocross riders can rightfully be classified as "daredevils" thanks to the nerve-wracking and death-defying stunts that are a regular part of the sport.