A rod, reel and flies are necessary to catch fish, but tools such as waders and a vest are often included as essential fly fishing supplies. Fly fishing gear should include also include outdoor supplies, such as sunscreen.

A fly fishing rod and reel are the most basic supplies needed for fly fishing. Flies are often handmade, but can also be purchased at any fishing goods shop. A wide selection of flies is recommended to increase the chances of catching the desired fish. A hemostat, nail knot tool and small pair of scissors are supplies that can be used to tie the flies onto the line properly.

Floatant is used to help the fly float, which helps attract trout and other fish. Extra line, leaders and tippets are used to promote accurate casting and maintain the integrity of the line. Wading pants and wading boots made from rubber are typically recommended for fly fishing. Rubber can be cleaned to prevent gear from harboring algae or other aquatic life that may be transferred from one river to another. Felt bottomed boots are also an option that can be used if permitted by local laws and regulations.

A fly-fishing vest with numerous pockets is used to store fly boxes and other necessary gear. Polarized sunglasses help reduce the glare caused by the reflection of light on water, and are often used with a hat to increase visibility. Sunscreen is also recommended while spending time in the outdoors.