Most deep-sea fishing charters provide all the equipment needed for a successful trip; however, anglers must provide their own sunscreen, food and beverages. Passengers prone to motion sickness should also bring appropriate medication. Each charter service is independent, so be sure to check before chartering a trip.

Deep-sea fishing requires heavy duty fishing equipment that most anglers do not own and that most tourists do not bring with them. While charter services sometimes allow the members of the party to bring their own equipment, there is a tendency for it to fail, resulting in loosing the fish or damaging the equipment.

The charter company purchases a license that covers everyone using the boat at the beginning of the season. The Coast Guard requires the charter service to provide a life jacket for each person aboard the vessel. The law requires children under 8 to wear a life jacket at all times, so parents might want to provide the child with a Coast Guard approved floatation device that is more comfortable than those provided by the charter service.

According to USA Today, there are numerous charter companies operating in Gulf Shores and the surrounding communities. These companies offer several different packages. They have a wide variety of boats that accommodate from six to 93 people. Trips typically range from a few hours to three days.