Cricket is played with two teams of 11 players on an oval-shaped field. Each team has at least one inning to bat. The team that is not batting bowls and fields the ball. Most of the action takes place on a 18-meter-long pitch situated in the middle of the oval ground. The team that scores the most runs is the winner.

At any one time, there are two batsmen present on the field of play. The fielding team can use all of its players, although there is always one bowler and one wicketkeeper, leaving nine players to field the ball. The batting team scores runs when the two batsmen complete one length of the pitch. The batsman can run as many times as they like. Runs can also be scored if the ball is hit along the ground to the boundary, which counts as four runs, or over the boundary on the full, which counts as six runs.

The main objective of the fielding team is to dismiss 10 of the opposition players. The most common way to get a batsman out is to catch the ball in the air, but other methods include bowling or running a batsman out. Once a player is out, he is replaced by another player from the batting side. The length of batting innings may be fixed.