The Bloody Mary legends are scary campfire stories. In Bloody Mary folklore, Bloody Mary appears when a person holds a candle, looks into a mirror in a dark room and recites her name out loud three times.

As of September 2014, the American Folklore web site includes the text of several Bloody Mary stories, including "Bloody Mary," "Bloody Mary Returns," "Bloody Mary Whales," "Blood Mary, Quite Contrary" and "The Bloody Mary Ritual." In "Blood Mary," Bloody Mary is said to be a witch who lives in a small town. Her neighbors fear her. They believe she causes their cows to dry up and their children to become sick and die. When little girls begin to disappear and Bloody Mary starts to look younger, she is the prime suspect. No one can prove it until she casts a spell on the miller's daughter. All the townspeople come out to scare her off. The spell breaks when a farmer shoots her with a silver bullet, after which she is burned at the stake. While burning, Bloody Mary casts a curse on the town. The curse says that whenever someone recites her name aloud in front of a mirror, Bloody Mary's spirit appears to avenge her death.