A few of the coolest wrestling names include Ace of Hearts (Shane Valentine), The Heartbreak Kid (Shawn Michaels) and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). Hulk Hogan (Terry Gene Bollea) is perhaps the most well-known wrestling name.

Other well-known wrestling names are:

  • The Undertaker (Mark William Calaway)
  • Stone Cold (Steve Austin)
  • Andre the Giant (Andre Roussimoff)
  • Hitman (Bret Hart)
  • Macho Man (Randy Savage)
  • The Ultimate Warrior (James Brian Hellwig)

Wrestlers use many interesting and unique names to attract a fan base, especially in the professional arena.

Audiences often judge wrestling names just as highly as skill, and the name chosen can make or break a wrestler's career. Pro wrestlers assume names that are intimidating, comedic and unique. Names like "The Undertaker" and "The Rock" certainly stand out, and they also express the persona the wrestler wants to establish.