Gymnastics games can be a great way for children and toddlers to warm up for a workout or take a break from more competitive activities. Many games also incorporate gymnastic techniques and movements.

Some fun gymnastics games include the shape game, the add-on game and relay races. In the shape game, a coach calls out the shapes the gymnasts have learned in class and the gymnasts perform the shapes. Possible shapes include the bridge, the tuck and the straddle. This game helps beginning gymnasts remember the movements that they have learned in their gymnastics lessons.

The add-on game also prepares gymnasts to remember elements of a routine. One gymnast begins by performing a movement, such as the splits. The next gymnast also performs the splits and adds another movement as well, such as a straddle jump. The game continues with each subsequent gymnast adding an additional movement. The game ends when a gymnast forgets the sequence of movements.

Relay races are also a fun workout for all skill levels. Beginning gymnasts can start by skipping and work up to somersaults and cartwheels as they learn these skills. This helps to improve tumbling skills as well as coordination. All games can be played on a trampoline for additional difficulty as long as safety precautions are followed.