Some facts about the Liverpool Football Club are that the man who has appeared in the most first team appearances is Ian Callaghan, who has made 857 of those appearances as of 2015. The longest serving player in the history of the club is Elisha Scott, who served on the team from 1913 to 1934. The Liverpool Football Club was formed in 1892, four years after the football league in England came into being.

The worst loss the team has ever suffered is a 9-1 loss to Birmingham City in 1954, and the biggest win the club has ever recorded is a 10-1 win over Rotherham Town in 1896. The youngest goal scorer Liverpool has ever had is Michael Owen, who scored his first goal when he was 17 years old in 1997. By contrast, the oldest goal scorer for the team is Billy Liddell, who was 38 years and 55 days old when he scored against Stoke City in May of 1960. Liddell is not the oldest player to ever take the field for the team, as that honor belongs to Ted Doig, who was 41 years and 165 days old the last time he stepped on the pitch in 1908. The youngest player to ever appear in a game is Max Thompson in 1971 when he was 17 years and 129 days old.