There are six balls delivered every over in the game of cricket. In each over, the opposing batsmen receives six balls from the bowler, and then another bowler delivers another six balls from the other end of the pitch to constitute another over.

Cricket is a game played primarily in England and other countries throughout the Commonwealth. The sport is played on an oval field with the pitch situated in the center of the ground. Each team has 11 players to carry out the different functions of the game. Some players are included for their batting potential, while others bowl. Every team has a wicketkeeper, whose function is similar to that of a backstop.

Two batsmen must be at the crease at any one time, and the other team fields and attempts to prevent as many runs as possible. The number of overs to be bowled is agreed on before the game commences. No bowler can bowl two consecutive overs. The fielding team can choose anyone to bowl an over; however, there are restrictions in some forms of the game. For example, in a 50-over match, no bowler can deliver more than 10 overs, or one-fifth, of the total number. In test matches, there are no limits on the number of overs for each bowler.