The smallest regulation-size soccer fields are 50 yards by 100 yards, or 1.03 acres. Larger regulation-sized soccer fields are 100 yards by 130 yards, or 2.69 acres. The dimensions of a soccer field vary depending on the players it is designed for and the country where it is located.

Large fields are favored in Latin America, while English fields tend to be on the smaller end of the range. Smaller fields than regulation size are often used for very young players, players over the age of 35 and disabled players. In these cases, the field size is proportioned to the players' size and stamina. A field designed for 12-year-old players is generally 50 yards by 80 yards, or 0.83 acre. Youth leagues playing small-sided soccer use a field that is 15 yards by 25 yards, which is 0.08 acre.