Iron sights are the raised metal markers on top of a gun or crossbow that assist the user in aiming. Many new models of weapons have traded out iron sights for optical sights, such as telescopic scopes or laser markers. However, learning to aim using iron sights is a useful skill because it allows shooters to use a wider variety of weapons.

  1. Find where the sights are located

    Iron sights are located on the top of the gun and generally consist of a single sight in front and two sights with a small groove between them in back. These sights vary in size and shape and are typically located toward the end of the barrel.

  2. Line up the sights

    The goal of using sights is to line the front sight up with the groove between the two sights in back so that the three form a horizontal line. When properly aligned, the bullet from a fired gun should strike the top edge of the front sight.

  3. Make adjustments to the sights

    Sometimes sights come out of alignment. When this happens, center the front sight by moving it a few clicks in the opposite direction that the bullet is tending, then adjust the rear sights so all three sights are lined up.