Bicycle commuting requires finding an appropriate route, getting a bicycle that is in good condition and wearing the right clothing when cycling. It's important to eat a good meal beforehand to have energy for the commute.

The bicycle should be reliable and comfortable. The commuter should check the tire pressure, brakes, gears and chain at least once a week. He should also carry a repair kit in case the bicycle gets damaged. A light is necessary for nighttime riding, and a helmet should always be worn. The commuter should verify that the location he is commuting to has an area for parking of bicycles. Online map programs can be used to find a good route free of highways.

A test ride should be done to make sure the route is safe and to find out how long it takes. The commuter should check weather conditions the night before to decide what to wear. He should also pack any supplies necessary that night to reduce stress in the morning. Supplies often needed when commuting by bicycle include a change of clothes and hygienic products such as deodorant and towels. If possible, the commuter should leave supplies at his office or school to reduce how much he has to carry each day.