To start a fire, choose a location, make a fire pit, gather firewood, and ignite the fire using a magnifying lens and tinder. You need pine needles, twigs, logs, large branches and rocks to successfully make a fire. Avoid using river rocks.

  1. Find a location

    Search for dry ground with a flat surface. Make sure the fire site is close to a camp site or water source. Clear away any debris, and make a pit that is 4 to 6 inches deep and 3 feet wide. Place large rocks around the pit to keep the coals contained.

  2. Gather materials

    After making the pit, collect the firewood. Gather tinder in the form of cotton balls or pine needles to ignite the fire. Attain kindling, such as small twigs and medium-sized sticks. Assemble the kindling in pieces that are 2 to 8 inches. Gather logs and large branches for fuel. Break up the fuel wood into manageable pieces of 8 to 24 inches. Stack as much fuel wood as you can in a pile.

  3. Create a spark

    If you are using the lens method, find a solid lens from a piece of equipment, such as a camera, or a magnifying lens is suitable. Place the tinder in the center of the pit. Position the lens 1 foot from the tinder pile, and maneuver the lens to focus the sun's rays on a single spot. After smoldering begins, blow the tinder, and place more kindling on the fire.