Start a campfire by gathering tinder, kindling, logs, and matches or a lighter. Build a fire ring by clearing an area on the ground down to the dirt, then lay out the tinder, kindling, and logs in the middle of the ring. Light the tinder to start your campfire.

  1. Gather the materials

    Gather tinder, kindling, firewood, and matches or a lighter. Tinder can include wood shavings, wadded paper, strips of cardboard, commercial fire sticks or fire starters, dryer lint or wax. Kindling includes twigs and small branches. The firewood should be whole or split logs that are completely dry.

  2. Build the campfire

    Construct a fire ring on the ground by clearing ash and charcoal from previous fires, and clear away dead grass or vegetation down to the bare dirt. Dig out some of the dirt, and set it aside to smother the fire in case of an emergency. Place a bed of tinder about a foot in diameter in the center of the fire ring, lay the kindling on top of the tinder, and lay the logs on top of the kindling.

  3. Light the fire

    Light the tinder from multiple sides to get the fire started. Once the fire is established, add more logs as needed.