To read a golf club distance chart, choose the type of club from the list on the left-hand side, then move across the chart to the men's or women's column. The three numbers listed represent the average distance for short-range, mid-range and long-range hitters for that type of club.

To know which number represents your range, compare the distances, or yardages, to others of the same gender using the same clubs. This helps you to determine if you are a short hitter, a long hitter or in between. Being a long hitter doesn't guarantee a lower score because factors such as hitting the ball straight, landing the ball on the green, the weather, your age and your health can also affect your game. Once you have determined the type of hitter you are, choose the type of club on the guide that best delivers the yardage you need.

Some guides may display different numbers because yardage depends more on the golfer than on the club, which makes determining an average difficult. Knowing your own yardage provides a better result for choosing clubs than relying on a chart alone. If you are an amateur golfer, avoid comparing yourself to professional golfers who can hit balls much farther on average.