Keep a fire going by adding one or more pieces of firewood on or just behind the live coals. Use dry firewood to prevent the fire from dying out too quickly. Periodically checking the fire can help keep it going for a longer amount of time.

  1. Rake the live coals

    Use a small shovel or rake to create a pile of live coals. Place one piece of dry wood on top of the coals to reignite the fire.

  2. Add additional firewood

    Place three to five pieces of firewood behind the pile of live coals. Wait up to 15 minutes for the wood to catch on fire and begin to char. Move any new coals to the live coals pile.

  3. Adjust the air flow

    Adjust the air flow as necessary to prevent the fire from burning out or from becoming too high. Open the air vents, dampers or doors to allow more air to flow within the fireplace or wood stove. This encourages the wood to burn. Reduce the air flow if the fire becomes too high or if you want it to burn out.

  4. Maintain the fire

    Check on the fire periodically, and add one or two pieces of firewood to the back of the fire every few hours to keep it going.