A hole in an air mattress can be easily fixed with a vinyl adhesive patch or a rubber cement. Air mattresses have become one of the more common camping staples, owing to their portability when not in use. Mattresses are also used as novel flotation devices in swimming pools and lakes.

The following shows one method of repairing a hole in an air mattress.

  1. Find the leak
  2. One simple way of searching for a leak in an air mattress is to inflate it and then keep an ear out for any hissing sound. Smaller holes, however, may not produce a sound. Wetting the back of the hand and passing it along the surface of the inflated mattress will also help detect the leak. When all else fails, apply water with diluted shampoo onto the mattress and look for signs of bubbling.
  3. Deflate and dry the mattress
  4. Once the hole is located, deflate the mattress. Allow for it to dry if the water and shampoo method was used to search for the leak.
  5. Patch the hole up
  6. Patches and repair kits for leaks in air mattresses are usually available from campground stores. The adhesive patches are usually made of fabric with an adhesive. Cover the leak with the fabric patch. If the hole is located on a flocked mattress surface, use a fine abrasive to flatten the fabric to enable the patch to adhere properly to the mattress. If the leak is located on the seams, use a tent sealer on the area.