German brown trout are generally difficult to catch. You can improve your success rate when hunting for these elusive fish by following a few simple steps: track the weather, be patient, use smaller bait and employ longer lines.

  1. Track the weather

    German brown trout are difficult to catch in the summer. According to California Sportsman, most successful brown trout anglers wait until at least early September before trying to catch them. Water conditions should also be choppy to encourage the browns to go for the bait.

  2. Use smaller bait

    During the fall, smaller bait may help improve catch rates. One reason for this is that the brown trout are more concerned about spawning and staging to spawn, so they are not as concerned about feeding. They tend to go after smaller bait because it represents an easier meal.

  3. Employ longer lines

    Brown trout are naturally wary. They tend to refrain from striking lures that are close to a boat, so long lines should be used in order to increase the chances of getting a bite.

  4. Be patient

    Expect to wait several hours. German brown trout are not as predictable as other types of trout, so you never know when they will start biting. It is not uncommon to go for days at a time without catching many browns.