When camping, a lean-to can be built using branches laid at an angle against an existing or man-made brace. Leaves, a tarp or an emergency blanket can be placed on top of the branches to keep out rain or snow and keep in heat.

While a tent is the best protection against the forces of nature when camping, a lean-to is an option when a tent might not be available. A lean-to can be made with items found in nature.

  1. Find the right spot
  2. A natural formation, such as a fallen tree or small hill, works well to form a side of the lean-to. There should be two trees nearby. This is where the brace will be placed.

  3. Find the branches
  4. Locate a large, sturdy branch long enough to place between the two trees. Secure it with vines or rope. Gather a large supply of branches to make the roof of the lean-to.

  5. Form the roof
  6. Use the supply of branches to make the roof of the lean-to. Place them at a 45-degree angle, laying from the large branch secured on the two trees down to the ground. Layer dead leaves and other small branches on top to help make the roof waterproof. If there is a tarp or emergency blanket available, this can be used as well.