When gazing at the starry night sky, you might imagine that the color of the universe is a dark shade of midnight blue. However, the average color is much brighter than that. When all of the universe’s light is averaged together, the resulting color is a much less mysterious light beige.

Astronomers from Johns Hopkins University combined light measurements from over 200,000 galaxies to determine the universe’s overall color. The newer stars in the universe have a blue appearance, while older stars often appear to be more yellow or red. When the measurable wavelengths from all of the stars are averaged together, the universe appears to be beige.

An informal contest was held to determine an official title for the color. Cappuccino Cosmico received the most votes from the Johns Hopkins team of scientists, followed closely by Big Bang Buff; however, the study’s authors preferred another suggestion—Cosmic Latte—over the other entries and declared it the winner.