Different investigations have estimated the human arm to weigh between 4.7 and 6.5 percent of a person's body weight. The weight of the human arm varies from person to person based on body weight, gender and other variables.

According to Exercise Prescription, a De Leva study in 1996 calculated the weight of the human arm to be an average of 4.72 percent of one's total body weight. This was 4.94 percent for men and 4.49 percent for women. Plagenhoef in 1983 calculated the arm to be an average of 5.33 percent of total body weight, which was 5.7 percent for men and 4.97 percent for women. Branstrom in 1981 estimated the arm to average approximately 6.5 percent of human body weight. De Leva's measurements were made using young athletes, whereas Plagenhoef's work used cadavers.