Cats often caterwaul when they’re in heat, and they want to meet with female cats. They are also territorial animals, and they usually caterwaul to warn cats that trespass their territory.

Cats are communicative creatures that generate a wide variety of sounds and vocal noises. When making sounds, they use different tones and volumes to get the attention of their owner and other cats. They also make sounds to express what they want and need.

Caterwauling is a shrill sound that unneutered male cats often make when they’re in heat, and they want to attract another cat’s attention. Moreover, male cats produce the wailing noise when responding to nearby felines. Female cats in heat also caterwaul to call males. When a female cat caterwauls, male felines aggressively fight each other to gain the female cat’s approval.

When a cat caterwauls for no reason, experts recommend starting a game particularly when the animal runs off as the owner walks toward it. Owners should interact with their cats regularly to form a strong bond. It also helps to check any physical stimulus that a cat could be responding to and to observe its body language, particularly its ears and tail, to understand the message the animal wants to convey.