Pets are good companions because they can aid in the prevention of loneliness and reduce stress. They provide social support and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Pets typically have a positive effect on a person’s mood. If a person feels that a human companion is being judgmental, this can add to stress levels. In contrast, a pet does not judge, and its love for its owner is unconditional. A pet is always a good listener and is equally comfortable when silence is preferred. Pet owners, especially those who own dogs, are more likely to get sufficient exercise on a regular basis.

Having pets can expand a person’s social network, as they increase approachability and are an easy topic for conversation. Owning a pet can actually lengthen a person’s lifespan. Pets can teach people to be more empathetic, compassionate, nurturing and tolerant. Pets do not have their own schedules to maintain and are available whenever required, be it early in the morning or late at night. Many pets are excellent travel companions and are happy to go anywhere their owner goes.

When a person learns to be attentive to a pet’s needs, he is more likely to be responsive to the needs of people.