Different types of peafowl come from different places in the world like the blue peafowl, which comes from India and Sri Lanka; the green peafowl, which comes from Java and Myanmar; and the Congo or African peafowl, which comes from the Congo. The peacock is a name given to the male peafowl and a female peafowl is called a peahen.

The blue peafowl is the national bird if India. The peacock's body is blue but the peahen's body is brown. They are native to more tropical, humid climates but they can live in colder, northern winters. Blue peacocks are less hostile than other peacocks and this, mixed with the ability to survive in many climates makes them popular in zoos across the world.

The green peafowl are similar in appearance to the green peafowl and the green peahen is a similar color to the blue peahen. The blue peacock is bright blue in color. The green peafowl cannot live through the same cold weather than the blue peafowl can, but they are still popular in many zoos. They are more aggressive than many other grounded birds and should not be kept with other peafowls.

The Congo peafowl is not as common as the blue or green species and was only discovered in 1931. It is the national bird of the Democratic Republic of Congo and is an endangered species. The Congo peacock has a deep blue color with hints of green and violet.