BHB Reptiles is located in Shelby Township, Michigan. The facility is not open to the public, so customers must contact the company via phone or email or by visiting the company website. Additionally, BHB Reptiles produces a YouTube series called “Snake Bytes TV,” in which it covers current issues related to reptiles and essential care information.

BHB Reptiles produces and sells captive bred snakes and lizards. Some of the species it works with include ball pythons, boas, carpet pythons, kingsnakes, rat snakes, bearded dragons and leopard geckos. The company offers many animals for entry-level keepers as well as incredibly rare specimens for collectors and breeders.

BHB Reptiles is owned and managed by Brian and Lori Barczyk. According to the website, the two became a couple in 1989 and founded BHB Reptiles shortly thereafter. Brian has been interested in reptiles for his entire life while reptiles are a newer interest for Lori. According to the website, the company employs two other staff members who help care for the breeders and young animals.

BHB Reptiles ships animals throughout the United States and internationally. Because of the additional steps necessary to ship internationally, there is a $5,000 dollar minimum purchase for international orders. Additionally, international customers must pay a $200 fee for CITES documentation.