lists the top 20 puppy names for 2014, separated into the 10 male and top 10 female puppy names. also has a list on its blog section which differs somewhat from the list. Both websites are cited by other web articles reporting on the top 20 names. is a site to which veterinarians contribute articles about pet health. Vetstreet gathered its list from its 969,517 records of puppies born in 2014. is a dog-sitter matching website with a database of dog names from its dog sitters. Both websites listed Bella as the top female puppy name, with noting that it had been the top name for three years in a row; claimed that it was the top name from 2006 to 2014. Both websites speculated that this could be due to the popularity of a book series with a main character named Bella. Both websites also listed Max as the most popular male puppy name in 2014. Four of the male puppy names popular in 2014, Max, Charlie, Jack and Cooper, and six of the female puppy names, including Bella, Lucy, Chloe and Bailey, were the same names that also made the top human baby names of that year. Other popular male puppy names were Toby, Tucker, Buddy, and Rocky. Other popular female puppy names were Daisy, Molly, Lola, and Maggie.