Pets that are compact, quiet and content indoors, such as mice, gerbils, frogs, newts and hermit crabs can be housed in small buildings. Also suitable for living in a small space are pet fish, rats, guinea pigs, cats and small dogs.

Pets appropriate for small spaces are animals that are content being left alone, don't require much exercise or outdoor space, don't make much noise and whose habitats don't take up much space.

Friendly dog breeds that can be easily housebroken and don't make a lot of noise do well in smaller spaces. Boston terriers, bulldogs, dachshunds, miniature pinschers and pugs are all popular with people who live in apartments.

The list "Five Best Pets for Small Spaces" on pet and animal newsletter recommends small scaly pets, such as geckos, lizards and turtles, because they are solitary and relatively easy to keep clean. Pets that are small and furry, such as hamsters, chinchillas and hedgehogs also make good pets that don't need much room. Small caged birds, such as canaries, finches and parakeets can be housed in small spaces. A small aquarium is space-saving and great for goldfish or a betta fish. People who like more exotic pets may consider a tarantula, chameleon, salamander or scorpion.