Lions live in the southern part of the Sahara Desert and eastern parts of Africa. They used to be found all throughout Africa. Besides living in Africa, lions were discovered to live Greece, the Middle East and northern India.

A lion's habitat consists of scrubs, grasslands and open, wooded areas. They need space to roam and call their territory, as well as a place to hunt. African lions eat animals such as antelopes and zebras. Asiatic lions hunt and eat animals such as goats, buffalo, chital, and nilgai. These lions also eat smaller animals.

Both African and Asiatic lions live in a pride, with a few differences. An African lion pride has three males and approximately twelve females. The pride also consists of the lions' cubs. The Asiatic lions separate into two different prides, one for males and one for females. They stay separate until it reaches mating season.

In a pride, females are normally related because they like to stick together as well as live in the pride into which they were born. Females stick together even when it comes to their young. They all mate at the same time, and once the cubs reach six-weeks old, all of the mothers take care of their cubs together. The males cubs eventually strike out on their own to create a new pride once they are mature enough.