When a dog dies, an owner may bury the animal on privately owned property or have sanitation workers come and dispose of the body. Owners may also have the remains cremated.

In most areas it is legal to bury a deceased animal on an owner's personally owned land. If an owner does not own the property, then he must ask permission to perform the burial or choose another disposal option.

Animal cremation services are available. This gives owners the opportunity to keep a memorialized urn for the pet in remembrance. To keep the body fresh until others remove it, make sure it stays cool. Wrap the remains in plastic and store them in the refrigerator. If this isn't an option, keep the unwrapped body on a cool concrete slab. Should neither of these be possible, choose the coolest area of the home, wrap the body in a bag and place ice blocks over it. It is best to remove an animal's body as soon as possible.

As a last resort, or if an owner doesn't have money to pay for removal and cremation, he may place the body in a large trash bag. Leave the bag out with your normal household rubbish with a note attached informing sanitation workers that there is a deceased animal in it.