The Koehler method of dog training is a method that was developed by W.R. Koehler in 1946, who wrote the book about it 16 years after developing it. It is a method for training a dog to be obediently and reliably off leash. This is an important method, as dogs are frequently off leash and leashes might break, or a dog might slip out of its harness or collar.

The Koehler method helps a dog to make better choices for himself, for instance, to not run out an open door into the street. The method teaches a dog to perform the commands of come, heel, down, sit, stay and stand within about 13 weeks' time, both on and off leash. Users of the method recognize their dog as an animal who has the right of choice and naturally influence their dog's behavior. The philosophical basis for the Koehler method is that dogs will repeat a choice when a reward is expected and stop making a choice if a punishment is expected for that action. Critics of Koehler's method think that it could cause a dog to become overly anxious about his behavior if he is expecting to be punished for his choices.