A basset hound-pit bull mix is a cross between a basset hound and an American pit bull terrier. Like all crosses between pure-bred dogs, the traits of this hybrid are not entirely predictable. A prospective adopter should research the characteristics of both parent breeds to gain a better understanding.

The basset hound and the American pit bull terrier can be described as gentle, loving and eager to please. The aggressive nature of the pit bull, however, can make it a threat to other animals if it is not properly socialized and trained. Both of these breeds have heavy, compact bodies and short, thick coats. Physical similarities beyond these broad traits are difficult to find, as the basset hound is characterized by extremely short legs, loose skin and long, floppy ears. The American pit bull terrier, by contrast, is an exceptionally well-proportioned, muscular dog with cropped ears and a tapered tail.