Because they are omnivores, woodpeckers eat a variety of things, such as fruits, insects, berries, nuts and tree sap. However, their diet is also dependent on factors like seasons, food availability and the preferences of different woodpecker species.

A very adaptable bird, the woodpecker tends to eat the food sources that are abundant in different seasons. For example, in the spring and summer, it eats mainly insects and sap. This diet provides the nutrients needed for breeding. In the fall and winter months, their diet may consist of fruits and nuts.

There are over 200 species of woodpecker, and they belong to the Picidae family. These birds have long beaks, which they use for boring holes in trees and digging out insects. They live mainly in forests and woodland areas. Woodpeckers can range in size from 3 to 23 inches and live for 6 to 11 years.